"Wild Birds of the American Wetlands is significant. It is a penetratingly beautiful book...breaks the limits of page and picture to stimulate perception and heart in unforgettable ways. Each photograph is stunning."
—Parabola Magazine

"For more than a decade, Winard traveled the United States taking pictures of large birds from Florida to California and Louisiana to North Dakota. The hardcover includes more than 80 stunning black-and-white photographs."
—Outdoor Photographer magazine

"In the newly released book, Wild Birds of the American Wetlands, Rosalie Winard captures the ethereal beauty of wading birds with the flair of a painter and the passion of an activist."
—Audubon magazine (May/June 2008 feature story)

"What comes across in Ms. Winard's photographs is the surreal floating aspect that many of the birds in her pictures have, as well as their elegance and also their humor."
—East Hampton Star (July 3 feature story July 3, 2008)

"Her remarkable portraits are the subject of a national traveling exhibition and book. Her lyrical images are punctuated with an ethereal palette of white, gray and black and are alight with Winard's passion for the avian world and its endangered habitat. "
—Waterkeeper magazine, Summer 2008

"The book, a collection of 100 reproductions, is handsome as it is eloquent and urgent....Some photos look like textile pattern designs, Japanese watercolors or dry point etchings."
—The Independent (East Hampton)

"A poetic reminder of how ancient and essential the wetlands and waterways are to our communities. Her stunning photographs tap something deep, almost primal…Let these graceful birds inspire us to preserve our wetlands, not only as a source of rich habitat and clean water, but also as a reflection of our values and commitment to future generations."
—Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., environmental activist

"Winard's bird images are haunting—a deep combination of art and nature photography…Her dedication, passion, and unique access to these large wetland birds (some of which are in danger of extinction) have enabled her to capture her subjects very intimately and obtain images unlike any others."
—Oliver Sacks, author of The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat

"First and foremost, Rosalie Winard is an artist of restoration. Through the act of witnessing these fragile enduring birds of America's wetlands, she refuses to let their noble and imperiled lives remain hidden…"
—Terry Tempest Williams, from her essay

"Rosalie Winard cares about what she photographs. She understands the relationship between habitat and human encroachment and what we stand to lose if we don't stop and marvel at these avian primitives. They have lived an uninterrupted rhythm since the beginning of time—until recently. She is in love with the wildness, the splendor, the dignity of these incredible creatures and she wants us to see this too. She has captured something ancient and time-sensitive in her stunning black-and-white photography book."
—Sebastiao and Lelia Salgado

"…Oracular and outstanding. A passport into a new and very strange world."
—Errol Morris, Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker

"For me this book is 'Birds in Translation.'"
—Temple Grandin, from her foreword

"Rosalie's photographs of birdlife are exquisite. She captures their movement, their motion, their grace and above all their spirit. Her work honors the winged ones and teaches us to honor them too."
—Zana Briski, Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker and photographer

"Rosalie Winard's photographs capture the beauty, the thrill, and the sheer exuberance of flight."
—Dan Barry, NASA astronaut

"In her photographs, as in a beautiful piece of music, Rosalie Winard has a precise and instinctual eye for movement and composition."
—David LaMarche, Conductor, American Ballet Theater

Each photograph translates and transforms an avian image into a work of conceptual art. Enhanced with an informed foreword by Temple Grandin and an informative essay by Terry Tempest Williams, Wild Birds is a welcome and enthusiastically recommended addition to personal, academic, and community library Photography and Wildlife reference collections.
—Midwest Book Review

"[An] amazing book...100 stunning black and white tritone images of birds in the wetlands of North Dakota, Florida, Louisiana, and California. This is an exciting adventure you're sure to enjoy."
—Shutterbug Magazine

"Her love of birds coupled with her skill as a photographer and documentary filmmaker led her to produce the book in the hopes of getting others to understand the plight of the creatures if wetlands are not preserved [Ķ] The result is ghostly yet ethereal infrared black and white images"
—Alysha Sideman, ImaginingInfo.com

"A self-taught documentary photographer, artist, and student of natural history, Winard, in each of her images, slips soundlessly into a vivid and detailed realism"

"What comes across in Ms. Winard's photographs is the surreal floating aspect that many of the birds in her pictures have, as well as their elegance and also their humor"
—Isabel Carmichael, The East Hampton Star

"The book, a collection of 100 reproductions, is handsome as it is eloquent and urgent"
—Joan Baum, The Independent

"Each image is a reckoning with the Other. Only an artist who recognizes the redemption of the wild as it crosses and clashes with culture could create such an evocative and disturbing tension: absence and presence, at once [...] This is Rosalie Winard's greatest gift to us as a fine art photographer, an avian artist. She has created a portfolio of hope. She has taken her artistry and put it in the service of her heart"